5 Ways to Stay Centered and Keep Your Peace

1.Set limits. 
It's ok to not be physically or mentally available to everyone at their "beck and call." Your time is valuable, Your time is precious, Your time matters and makes a difference. Choose how YOU want to spend it. 
2. Find your relaxation technique. 
What technique makes you feel better? Meditation, long walks, running, yoga, painting, music? Find out what works and apply it to your life. 
3. Remove yourself from within the situation. 
Try to remove yourself from within the situation and put yourself outside looking into the situation (my preference "levitating above and looking down unto the situation"). Ask yourself questions that only you can answer from within. 
  •  Are all possible outcomes worth the action? 
  • Will this matter 2-3 years from now?
  • How do you want to feel when you look back at the moment?
  • Will you feel proud, empowered and satisfied with your choice?
4. Realize and push forward.
The present is now.
The future is tomorrow however, yesterday is done!
You can't change or forget a negative outcome. However, you can acknowledge the thought and lessen its power instead of trying to block it out and using energy.  When you can acknowledge your feelings of that reoccurring thought you begin to take away from this energy drainer. The facts will remain the same but instead of a TKO you might experience a delayed and expected jab when it crosses your mind, "chin up" and keep going.
5. It's ok to sit back and disconnect. 
Get your "Woosaaaaay!" 
Make your moments perfect!
Instead of projecting a to do list for an upcoming day, think past the date and look back. Fast forward to a week or even a day prior and think about what you want your day to have been like.
  • On Monday what do you want to say about your Saturday and Sunday prior?
  • On Thursday what do you want to say about how you spent your time on Tuesday?
  • What do you want to say that you did for yourself?
  • Try starting a new book or a positive approach to a self-fulfilling 15 minute  midday activity. Disconnecting is needed to recharge!


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