Why I created M.S.A.Empire

I created M.S.A.Empire over 5 years ago to fill a void in the fashion, health and beauty industry. With a diverse background from healthcare, design and entrepreneurship; I couldn't separate the passion I had for the industries. As time went on I realized that these fields had more similarities than differences and I decided to merge my passions. My goal at M.S.A.Empire is to bring a unique experience to each client.  I believe it to hold truth that beauty starts inward and radiates outward.  I'll never forget the day I decided to pursue this idea of having a multi-entity company that seemed so different from others. I was in a healthcare setting where some of the most fabulous fashion forward patients would come in. One patient in particular always wore the trendiest hats or rocked the latest hairstyles always with a bang  in front.  Unbeknownst to me there was a reason for the hats and trendy hairstyles with bangs only. While working, the fashion forward patient pulled me to the side and whispered "where can I go for someone to teach me how to do my brows like that?" Once we scheduled her consultation I found out that she was living in a shell, feeling forced to wear hats and never a hairstyle without a bang. The fabulous patient had undergone some medical changes that left her with the appearance of no brows. After completing her brow lesson; that same patient (now client) sent me a picture of her outside, in public with no hat and her bangs pinned back, brows filled to perfection and tears in her eyes with a caption that simply said "Thank you, I feel so good about myself!" 

From that day forward I knew!

This unheard of idea; this passion and drive was part of my purpose! 

  So welcome to M.S.A.Empire "Where beauty starts from within"

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