You GET what you GIVE!!!???..

Regardless of fashion choices, staple pieces or the new hot and trendy. Being a busy bee at your 9-5 job, a stay at home parent( I know some awesome single dads as well) a successful entrepreneur or the hustle and bustle back stage at a fashion event. At some point the clothes come off, makeup is removed and it's time to be real with self! In life there are givers and there are takers. The givers keep giving and the takers keep taking...but what if that stopped? What if you stopped giving so much or taking more than necessary, and created a balance... Your Balance  specific for the uniquely and wonderfully made YOU we all know The Law of Conservation of Energy The law that states that  "energy can never be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another." So ask yourself what energy are you giving out? what energy are you taking in? Is there a healthy balance or time to reevaluate? I've never been one to set "New Year Resolutions" why wait for the calendar year to change in order for you to change???  Makes no sense right...I know!  I believe in making changes as they are needed, and I believe our New Year is our day of birth, every year we are given a new 365 on that day, but EVERYDAY can be the beginning of a new 365  from the day we decide to make a change! So Happy New Year for what ever goals and changes you set out today!  Grab a notebook and a pen, and start your journey!. M.S.A.Empire is more than pretty fashions; where changing lives elevating and evolving! Stay tuned for some great Inspo tips on your journey!!!!!!

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